"85% of woman think that bad grooming is a turn off" - Dr.Drew

“The cuticles on the hair-which are like layers of tiles on a roof-trap the germs and grease.” - Carol Walker / Birmingham Trichology Centre

Quality. Portable. Grooming

Our quality portable multi-tool, we’ve affectionately named the “Beard Butler” has got the luxury of a butler with both convenience and choice at your fingertips.   

Its sleek design has a micro-beard comb on one end and a micro-spray pump on the other.  We’re a double-ended device my friends and we think you’re going to love it.

Paired with the Beard Butler, we continue our commitment to beard health with our selection of beard fresh mists, excellently suited to the micro-spray pump.

Whichever of our 3 scents you choose; Scotch Malt (smoky & smooth), Savage Mint (crisp & clean), or Sinful Mantra (sweet & spicy) they’ll help control beard bacteria, tone the skin under your beard and continue that fresh confidence you deserve. 

Have fun, get dirty, but - keep it clean!